If you have data and want to extract more meaning from it, Data Pipeline can build intelligent software to achieve your goals. We build software and hardware systems to collect data, analyse it, and build custom machine learning workflows and artificial intelligence solutions.

We have a strong focus on automation of workflows - we never want to solve the same problem twice. We deliver custom-built software to achieve your data-oriented goals. We can integrate with nearly any other system and data format - all backed by rigorous testing to deliver robust results.

dataPipeline is operated by Dr. Robert Layton, who has more than 10 years experience in the industry sector, backed by 11 years of academic expertise and a doctorate in data analysis and machine learning with applications to Cybersecurity. He has worked with multiple sectors, including advisory groups, banking, security, startups, and small scale businesses. Robert is well published, and has presented at international conferences, both academic and industry.

dataPipeline high levels of expertise in data analysis, software development, technical writing and teaching, GPS analysis, and internet-of-things (IoT) technologies. Existing and past projects have included investigations and development with demographic data, time series analysis, location analysis, and text mining for reglulatory analysis.

Based out of Ballarat in Victoria, Australia, we also provide high levels of customer-focused service, and aim to serve regional businesses.

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